What is the shelf life for PMMA & SML products?

Our PMMA and SML products have a recommended 12-month shelf-life from date of manufacture, as long as the products are stored in appropriate conditions. The date of manufacture is stated on the label as well as on the quality control document sent with the order.

What is the shelf life for SU-8 products?

Our SU-8 products have a 12 month self life from date of manufacture.

What is the shelf life for HSQ products?

HSQ in solution – 3 to 6 months depending on storage conditions.

HSQ powder – 12 months from date of manufacture.

Is flexible distribution available to me?

Flexible distribution is only available to our UK customers for our PMMA and SML products.

Can SML be diluted?

No – SML cannot be diluted and still have guaranteed results. Each product has a tailored composition optimised for its thickness.

What are your lead times?

3-5 days for SML & PMMA. 2-4 weeks for HSQ & SU-8.

Please note that current lead times for products may be slightly longer than usual due to uncertainties around COVID-19, however our lead times are revised regularly. We will provide you with an exact lead time on inquiry.

Is your HSQ manufactured by DOW?

No – Our HSQ is from our own manufacturer. HSQ provided by EM Resist will replace any current HSQ containing products you might already use, like-for-like.

Where can I find technical information on your products?

All our product datasheets are downloadable from our downloads section. In addition a selection of published papers that use our products are available for download.

My application has very specific requirements, can my order be tailored for my needs?

Yes – We have a dedicated application support team at EM Resist with years of experience ready and waiting to provide consultation. We are also able to mix custom concentrations as needed for your specific application requirements. Please contact us with any specific inquiries.

Do you offer samples for first time customers?

Yes – We understand that changing suppliers can be a rigorous process. For SML we can offer a free sample for testing with your application. We kindly ask that the cost of shipping be covered.

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