SML Resist

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SML Resist

SML electron beam resist is supplied in a range of thicknesses from 50nm up to 2μm in volumes starting at only 50mL. If you would like a quotation for SML, or any of our products, please submit a quotation request and we will get back to you.

We also provide industry standard PMMA Resist.

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The high performance SML electron beam resist is a novel polymer that has been specifically designed to answer the demands of the EBL community. It can be simultaneously patterned into high resolution and high aspect ratio patterns, even at low acceleration voltages and without the aid of proximity effect correction.

SML resist has been specifically designed to fit in with a standard PMMA process. No change in chemistry or process training is required.

Product Range – Thicknesses

  • SML50 : 40nm – 100nm
  • SML100 : 90nm – 210nm
  • SML300 : 250nm – 600nm
  • SML600 : 575nm – 1300nm
  • SML1000 : 990nm – 2000nm
  • SML2000 : 1800nm – 5000nm


  • Very high resolution: < 10nm
  • Very high aspect ratio:
    • > 10:1 @ 30 kV
    • >50:1 @ 100 kV
  • Thickness: 50 nm – 2000 nm
  • Superior LER/LWR
  • Very straight sidewalls
  • Excellent surface adhesion (HMDS not required)
  • Excellent etch resistance

SML was designed to be as close to PMMA as possible in terms of processing. This allows users to seamlessly change between PMMA and SML resists during their processes without needing additional equipment or consumables.

Below are our suggested processing conditions for SML Series Resist:

  • Casing solvent: Anisole
  • Pre-bake: 180°C for 2 minutes
  • Exposure: 200-500 μC/cm2 @ 30kV
  • Developer: MIBK:IPA (1:3) for 30s. All other PMMA developers will also work with SML resist.
  • Stopper: IPA for 15s
  • Remover: Acetone

The shelf life of the resist is 12 months. Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

SML Resist Spin Curves

Spin curves for SML50 (bottom) and SML100 (top)

SML Resist Spin Curves

Spin curves for SML300 (bottom) and SML600 (top)

SML Resist Spin Curves

Spin curves for SML1000 (bottom) and SML2000 (top)

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