Electron Beam Resists

Negative Tone Electron Beam Resists

HSQ Resist

HSQ Resist is a high resolution negative tone resist. Due to its Si base, it’s used in many applications that require high etch resistance. We supply HSQ pre-mixed or in kit form.

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Positive Tone Electron Beam Resists

PMMA & Copolymer Resists

PMMA Resist is the industry standard positive tone resist for electron beam lithography. We offer PMMA in a wide range of molecular weights and thicknesses. We also offer P(MMA-MAA) copolymer resists that can be used in bilayer resist processes. Take a look at our product page to see what we have available. If you don’t find what you are looking for let us know

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Ring Resonator

SML Resist

SML Resist is a high resolution, high aspect ratio positive tone electron beam resist. It has excellent adhesion properties and great dry etch resistance. SML can be used for MEMS, Zones Plates, photonics and many other nanofabrication applications.

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